VR Takes Language-learning Experience to The Next Level

People find language-learning apps very helpful as they are handy little tools with which they can improve their vocabularies and language skills in general. However, some people find that such apps are not enough. They say that simply memorizing vocabularies and listening to voice actors is not in any way like actually talking with native speakers who sometimes don’t sound at all like voice actors – in other words, the existing apps don’t provide an immersive language-learning experience. Good news for them, Mondly has just launched a VR language-learning app which is designed to fulfill the needs of language-learners. With this app, people can make a conversation with characters, which the author of this article describes as “rapid-fire question and answer sequences [that] force your brain into something resembling real immersion.” Although this newly-launched app isn’t perfect, it might be helpful to those who would like to learn language in a more immersive way.

Original article and image: https://thenextweb.com/apps/2017/02/15/mondlys-vr-language-learning-app-is-the-closest-thing-to-actual-immersion/#.tnw_oyon1QI2

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Soomin is a Composition major from Seoul, Korea and the rest of her family lives in the Philippines. She speaks English and Japanese (but no kanji), and is studying Spanish. She loves learning new languages because she believes that language is the most powerful way to understand and explore the culture. She enjoys traveling with her friends during vacations, which makes her spend all the money she has saved for a semester. In her free time, Soomin likes to collect vintage clothes, watch movies and Korean TV shows, listen to music, and read books.

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