Verbling Language Learning Tool Review

Verbling is a language learning tool based on online video. After you sign in with you google account, it takes you to a Language Learning Community page. You can use your google+ account to immediately join Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced practice groups. With a free 7-day trial, you can watch the Online Language Classes. However, there are only English and Spanish lessons offered at this point. Classes are 24/7 and taught by professional native speaking people. The website is straightforward and easy to work with. You can see what are the classes going on right now, and what are the upcoming classes. You can also watch the lessons already recorded.

Besides online classes, you can choose to get private lessons from professional tutors. Depending on the languages you are learning, the amount of tutors available are different. For example, Japanese only has one, and Spanish has 34. The price ranges from $10-30 per hour. When you click on their profile, you can see a detailed written and video introduction of themselves, rating and reviews from their past students, and their schedule open to be booked.


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