Tweeting through Telegraph

At the MacBride Museum in Whitehorse, Yukon, technology from the past and present are working together in a new method of communication. Here, an old telegraph has been programmed to tweet, allowing visitors to sign the guest-book through the telegraph. This is part of an exhibit focused on how language and communication has kept the region connected to the world – a notable feat for its isolated location.

This interesting combination of old and modern technology really makes me think about how incredible language technology is. It is a constant link for people, keeping lines of communication open in ways I can barely wrap my head around. It’s also neat to appreciate that, even though we have plenty of technology to communicate for us these days, our own use of language still hasn’t died out and it probably never will. Language connects us in so many ways to so many people and places. I can’t imagine a sane world that exists without some form of this beautiful connection.

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