This new smart glove can turn sign language into text and speech

Hadeel Ayoub from Saudi Arabia has recently released a prototype of a glove that translates sign language gestures into text and speech. The glove has gone through three revision phases and Ayoub looks forward to continue its modification.

She hopes to include Wifi access and to translate the sign gestures into other languages; she speaks Arabic, French, and English. Ayoub wants to make a smaller version of the glove so that children can sign too. A computer application and mobile app are also in the works to connect the glove to email, social media, and other applications.

Her niece sparked her interest in designing the glove: to give her the opportunity to translate for herself when communicating with people who speak different languages. Her inspiration is to produce tech that is designed for a cause: the glove being one of communication between deaf people and those with hearing.

While other gloves are in prototype stages, Ayoub’s glove is thinner, therefore easier to manipulate. She has been approached by several companies to manufacture the glove, which hopefully would become cheaper after it has been on the market for a while.

This glove, among other advances in tech, is a way in which deaf people can control the way they communicate in our rapidly developing world of tech.


image: Ayoub, Hadeel. Sign Language Glove. Digital image. Science Alert. N.p., 2 Oct. 2015. Web. 19 Oct. 2015.


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