Teaching Assistants

Congratulations on being appointed as a Foreign Language Teaching Assistant.  As an FLTA, you are employed as a staff member of the College and are therefore responsible for adhering to the policies and code of conduct for all administrative and professional staff.  You will learn more about these policies during your orientation week, but should always feel free to consult with your Department Chair, your Faculty-in-Residence, or the CILC staff.  You can also consult the A&PS Handbook here.

As a part of your exchange agreement, you are invited to enroll in academic courses during your year here at Oberlin.  You will learn more about the procedures for selecting and enrolling in those courses during your orientation week.

You will be housed in an apartment.

Office space and work stations will be provided for you in room 330A, an office located inside of the CILC.  You will be provided keys to your office and will be able to access that space at any time.  Because your office is located inside of the CILC, you will need to contact Safety & Security on evenings and weekends so that the alarm can be disarmed for you.

**You can pick up your office key request form from your departmental AA (Blanche Villar on the 3rd floor of Peters Hall for Hispanic Studies and French & Italian or Joan Kaatz on the 2nd floor of Peters Hall for Russian and Arabic).  You will need to take the key request form to the Facilities Building to receive your key**