Obies Using Languages: Sofia Smith-Hale ’18

How does singing in Spanish differ from English?

I think singing in Spanish sounds much more fluid and melodious than in English.

How has the Spanish language shaped your way of thinking?

When I take in new information, I often feel that I am processing it in two languages and learning twice as much. Spanish has also expanded the way in which I relate to certain concepts and forms of self expressions. Speaking Spanish is more than just knowing another set of words, it’s about being able to step into a entirely different pair of shoes and move just as comfortably.

How has the Spanish language brought you to meet different people and live in different communities?

Spanish has allowed me to connect with individuals on a much deeper level by being able to understand and appreciate people’s histories and identities that are inherently bound to language. Knowing Spanish has also allowed me to live more easily and comfortably in Spanish speaking communities  by being able to express myself fully and be appreciated for that quality.

What part of the process of learning Spanish do you like?

I love how speaking Spanish brings out a different side of my personality and allows me to express myself in ways that can’t as easily be expressed in English.

What do you think people can learn from learning other languages (beyond the language?)

I think the process of learning other languages can teach us so much about how our memory works and how the brain compartmentalizes information. Languages also provide a window into alternative realms of thinking and perceiving the world, which I find are so limited in English.

Are you interested in learning another language?

Yes, I’m very interested in becoming fluent in Portuguese.


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