Rising From the Dead: Latin’s Return

As a Classics Major, I am reminded of Latin’s existence and importance on a daily basis. However, most people think of it only as a “dead” language. A number of cathedrals in England are proving that wrong though, by breathing some life back into this “dead” language. These cathedrals have started hosting regular courses in Latin, as well as summer programs dedicated to learning Classical languages. They even offer weekend classes, providing this opportunity to an even greater range of people than the average College course might. George Sharpley, an educator in this movement, holds the belief that Latin is “to be heard, not studied”. His efforts in spreading this idea are certainly clear, as it seems his courses have brought people from many places and backgrounds to learn the language and recognize its huge influence on many modern languages.


Original article: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jul/04/latin-revival-cathedral-courses-find-new-fans-of-dead-language


By Tara Wells


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