Revolt in Cameroon

Cameroon is a bilingual (English and French) country in Africa. However, they have plagued by many issues most recently a revolution inspired by discrimination based on language. The country was initially colonies but they achieved independence in the early 1960s. The problem that soon emerged was the laws favoring the French speaking majority. The situation is so poorly handled that often times for settling disputes of law in the English-dominant areas the Judges typically only speak French, as well as having none of the laws translated into English for the English speaking lawyers to read. All of these incidents led to demonstrations to occur in the English speaking areas. While the demonstrations started peaceful they soon turned violent with police using live ammunition on the protesters. This does not mean the other side is innocent either, while they have suffered hardships they have threatened violence against students who do not follow their protests and torched a shop for staying open while the rest of the area protested. The situation in Cameroon is highly volatile right now, and arose due to a discrimination based on language.




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