Class Blogs A suite combining plugins and a specialized theme that reduces the complexity of using WordPress for class blogging and provides professors and students with novel ways of monitoring who is posting what and when they are doing it.
Languages Across the Curriculum An effort to include world languages in more parts of the Oberlin curriculum.
HISP303 Radio Audio recordings of HISP 303's radio show, fall 2013.
Españoberlin 2015 Audio recordings of HISP 303's radio show, spring 2015
Españoberlin 2016 HISP on the air Spring 2016
Polyglot Radio! A variety of language speakers and classes take the mike each week on WOBC during the Fall of 2016 (Spanish, French, German, Russian and Dutch!)
Major Portfolios An online system that allows students to build and maintain a portfolio of their thoughts, reflections and academic accomplishments for their time at Oberlin.
Obies Using Languages A series of mini-stories about how Oberlin students and alumni have been using languages other than English.
Panoptes Usage Tracker A suite of tools that includes a cross-platform usage tracker that records anonymous user sessions and application usage and an online visualization and analysis component.
PressGang WordPress Manager A web-based manager for multiple independent WordPress installations that allows for easy and extensible installation, configuration and upgrading of blogs.
Quickalog A lightweight cataloging system used to manage our collection of books, electronic equipment and audio / video material.
Admissions Brochure Translations Help us with translating Admissions brochures to various languages.