Poetry of The City

We are used to poetry that celebrates the beauty of the nature, mostly written by Romantic-era poets such as Blake, Keats, Wordsworth or Shelley. However, there are some modern poets who say that the emphasis has been misplaced and write their poems heavily based on their experiences in the urban. For example, Tom Chivers, an east London-based poet, say that “There is this energy and aggression and speed in a city that lends itself to poetry,” believing that people live in cities surrounded by language that the cities create. Another poet called Inua Ella, who is based in south London, focuses in his poetry on the urban experience, particularly from an immigrant perspective. Rosie Spinks writes in this article that this shift in focus of the topic of poetry to mundane urban matters is allowing people to meander both physically and mentally, which, according to Ella, was not used to be celebrated in the cities.

Original article: https://www.theguardian.com/cities/2016/oct/06/cities-poetry-urban-language-national-poetry-day

Image: Allen Ginsburg (right) and Jack Kerouac (centre left) in New York on New Years Day, 1957. Photograph by John Cohen/Getty Images

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