Obies Using Languages: Lisa Carle ’18


How did you learn Japanese?

 I’m half Japanese and my mom spoke to me in the language. I also lived in Tokyo for half of my life. There was a time where I was definitely better at Japanese than English but not anymore hahaha.

What do you with Japanese here at Oberlin?

 I take classes. I watch Terrace House, my favorite reality show here

You were in Japan for Winter Term right? What were you up to?

 I was in Japan in Tokyo talking to my grandparents about their experience in WWII. I wanted to be in Tokyo and my grandparents never talked about. So I decided to ask them.

What did you learn?

 My grandpa owned a factory that built plane parts for the army. He also told me about how Tokyo was rebuilt after the firebombs. Tokyo was all ash. Every building was kind of burnt down. Everyone was really supportive of each other. No one tried to get ahead of each other. He changed his factory to a bakery that gave free food to all these companies. Companies that no one could do well if everyone wasn’t being supported. Also, across the street Sony was being developed, taking my grandpa’s free bread.

What not WWII stuff did you learn?

 I got to see Tokyo being built for the Olympics. I also learned about the mayor of Tokyo. She’s doing a lot to stop corruption in the city. There have been some things with companies using government money and she’s been changing that.



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