Obies Using Languages: Emma Eisenberg ’17

Emma Eisenberg is a current sophomore majoring in Politics and English. She spent winter term in France.

I was lucky enough to spend my winter term in the enchanting city of love, otherwise known as Paris. I was staying in Montmartre, and my goal was to write a journal entry each day in French, describing my day and the places I saw and the people I talked to. Although I had only taken one semester of elementary French, I surprised myself with how comfortable I grew asking questions, ordering food in restaurants, and even giving directions to people trying to get to Sacré-Coeur or the famous Place du Tetre. Initially, I was quite intimidated by the native Parisians, but by the end of my 3 weeks I think I got the hang of it. Writing every day definitely helped my language skills, and now taking another French class I think the experience really improved my speaking as well. Overall, I loved living in Paris—you can’t beat the wine and cheese! It was an incredible experience to absorb the art and culture of the city while also immersing myself in the language.


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