Obies Using Languages: Elizabeth Gobbo ’17

Elizabeth is a member of the class of 2017 and is currently pursuing a major in musical studies. While at Oberlin, she has studied Hindi.

I had an Indian pen pal for pretty much my whole childhood, and I really wanted to learn Hindi so I could go meet her someday and talk to her in her native language. Unfortunately, when she turned 18 her parents took her out of the school program that coordinated our letters, so now it’s very unlikely I’ll be able to contact her. Still, that was what originally made me interested in India and in learning Hindi.

Because the language I’m studying is not formally offered here, I’ve taught myself mostly, but I also took the Hindi Exco last spring. However, professors in the India-related classes I’ve taken have helped me apply for language opportunities elsewhere.

I took a Hindi language intensive at UW-Madison last summer, and I plan on doing it again this year. Eventually, I want to study the relationship between linguistic prosody and folk musics in Hindi and the undocumented tonal languages in the region between Lahore and Peshawar.


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