Obies Using Languages: Ellie Flessner ’16{0}

Ellie Flessner is in the Class of 2016, pursuing a double major in Latin American Studies and Economics. She speaks Spanish and has spent time throughout Latin America, including Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala.

Last year I ended up spending my winter term as a human rights accompanier in rural Guatemala with SEPA (the Santa Elena Project of Accompaniment). Our main goals as a delegation in Santa Elena are to make sure no human rights are being violated, and Spanish fluency is a big factor in our effectiveness. I am also in the process of designing an English language curriculum for the school in Santa Elena, the implementation of which would put the children of Santa Elena on the track to an education at the Middle School, High School, and even University levels.


The CILC is the biggest language treasure Oberlin has to offer, and probably the one I utilize the most. There are countless resources for every language at every level, and the atmosphere is perfect for feeling comfortable in learning a new language. Getting involved in the Oberlin community is also a great way to keep up language skills. I’ve definitely improved my Spanish by working with Kim Faber’s SITES program, teaching spanish to a 5th grade class at Prospect Elementary. There are other great opportunities as well, just stop by Peters and we’d be happy to fill you in!