Obies Using Languages: Camilla Senter ’15

Camilla is a 4th year Neuroscience major. She grew up speaking Swedish and was involved with the Swedish School in Seattle for over ten years. She picked up Spanish in 7th grade and finally used it while studying abroad in Spain.

I studied in Seville, Spain last spring with the Oberlin-affiliated CIEE Liberal Arts program. As a neuroscience major I didn’t think I’d ever be able to improve my Spanish if I didn’t study abroad in college, so it was easily the best decision I could have made. Living with a Spanish family, taking a direct enrollment class, and meeting locals was invaluable to learning the language. Seville was an amazing city to live in because of its rich cultural history, great food, and relaxed way of life (I highly recommend it!). Because I was forced to accustom myself with the challenging accent and pace of speaking, I feel much more confident in understanding different dialects from almost anywhere. I hope to continue using Spanish after Oberlin, whether I’m using it for work or for volunteering on my own accord.


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