Obies Using Languages: Akheel Apadoo ‘19

Akheel Apadoo is a second year Economics major.  

What other languages do you know and how did you learn each of them?

I know Kreole which is my native language, which my parents taught me. I know English because it’s the language everything is taught in at my school and the institutionalized language of Mauritius. I know French which was taught at school in every level and is mandatory to take until 12th grade. I know Telugu which is a language that was also taught at school as a second language to French. My ancestors came from the southern part of India, and they spoke this language. Finally, I know Hindi because people speak it where I’m from and there is a big Bollywood culture in Mauritius. Since Urdu similar to Hindi, I can understand it aswell.

Which language do you feel like you can communicate best in or are more yourself?

What language feels most like home?

Kreole because it’s my native language and it’s something that I know by heart, that i think in, i react in. If I get hurt I will scream in Kreole, if I have to cuss it will be in Kreole. Also I grew up speaking Kreole.

What is your favorite word or phrase in another language besides English that is untranslatable to English? What does it mean?

My favorite word is nissa which is untranslatable but means something like pleasure and can be used in various contexts, like getting pleasure from playing a joke on someone or really enjoying the taste of a cup of tea.

When you speak in other languages, do you think in the language you’re speaking or translate the words from another language in your head before speaking?

It depends on the situation. If its something thats technical or complex I’ll try to translate it back to my native language. But, if it’s something simple like how are you it comes naturally, because I’m used to it now. With french it’s more difficult because I don’t want to mess up the pronunciation.

What is your favorite dish tied to the language you know best?

My favorite dish is called Sepcari which consists of a deep fried version of naan, rice, lima bean in a masala sauce, squash, curried potatoes, and cooked taro leaves, cayote, and rougaille with thyme. And then you have sauces of chutney, achard and minced chile with carrot.  


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