Obies Using Language: Anah Soble ’18

Nathan: What experience do you have with languages?

Anah: I’ve taken spanish classes for a total of six year. And my boyfriend is fluent and I sometimes speak spanish with him and his family. I have also been teaching myself french on Duolingo and my sister speaks mandarin.

Nathan: For your Oberlin experiences do you think that they have been good and have helped you with your language skills?

Anah: Working with the T.A.s in my spanish classes has been one of the most helpful language experiences I have ever had. It has made me more comfortable with my speaking.

Nathan: Do you plan on continuing to use spanish after you use Oberlin.

Anah: Yes. I plan to travel a lot in my life.

Nathan: What is your favorite spanish expression?

Anah: Ay, Que rico!


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