Obies Using Laguages: Luke Adamson ’14

Luke Adamson is member of the class of 2014 pursuing a double-degree in Cello Performance and Psychology. At Oberlin he has studied German and Zoogocho Zapotec and lived in German House for two years.

As an aspiring theoretical linguist, I’m interested in syntax and morphology in a generative tradition.  I’ve spent the past few semesters delving into the grammar of Zoogocho Zapotec, a language spoken in the state of Oaxaca in Mexico, which I began studying in the Native Languages of the Americas seminar.

For my linguistics-related study at Oberlin, I’ve been able to take advantage of library resources such as OhioLink, JSTOR, and Web of Knowledge, and I’ve also recently been making extensive use of Oberlin’s recently opened linguistics lab in the basement of Rice.  My love for linguistics owes in part to my foreign language study at Oberlin. Though there is no linguistics department or major–unless you do an IM–I’ve been really happy with the courses I’ve taken here, such as Fundamentals of Linguistics and Seminar in Psycholinguistics (now known as Seminar in Language and Thought with the Psych department’s Paul Thibodeau).


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