Midori App (Japanese language study) Review

After coming back from a semester abroad in Tokyo, I can definitely say that the Midori app for iOS is a really great tool for Japanese Language Study.

In a nutshell, you can use Midori like a dictionary for both English to Japanese and the other way around (with 3 input systems no less: via hiragana / katakana, via handwritten character, or via radical). The entry for the word will provide English definitions, example sentences with translations, and even conjugations for every tense. But that’s not all! Once you find a word you want to study, you can create a list for it (I personally have about 20 lists already made), put together all the words you want to study from the same category, and change them into flashcards. Pretty neat, huh?

While the flashcard function is not as great as Anki (which you should also take a look at), I think this is definitely a great way supplement to Japanese study. It does cost money, but for the price I found it absolutely worth it.

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