Melissa Karp ’18


Nathan: So what is your experience with foreign language at Oberlin?
Melissa: So I am a double comp-lit and East Asian Studies major as well as a French minor. So I have taken many French classes. Also I am a Korean concentration in EAS, so I have taken the Exco as well as studied on my own. I also took Japanese since it is required.

N: Is it different learning a language in a Exco compared to a class.
M: Yes. The Exco only meets twice a week which is rare for beginning languages. Also the classes are very small. I like how since the teacher is closer to our age we can ask more easily what people actually say and I think better communication overall.

N: How do you plan on using your foreign language skills outside of college.
M: A couple different ways. I am very interested in literary translations first of all. I focus on French and Korean literature comparatively which is a non existent field so I am hoping to go to grad school for that area.

N: Have you had a chance to use either of those languages hands on?
M: Yes. While in High School I actually did a home exchange in France for three weeks, my hosts spoke no English which was good for me. I also have gone to Korea over a winter term and over the summer. I also am studying abroad next semester in Seoul which will be great. I also text a lot in Korean which is fun because they have different texting codes.

N: What do you think about the Language Lab?
M: I like the language lab. I am a tour guide so I mention it a lot. Also as a French grader I am in here a lot.

N: Any other thoughts?
M: I’d love for there to be a Korean Language department.

N: Thanks for the interview!
M: Wa-hoo!


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