Obies Using Languages: Maggie Paulin ’13

After graduating from Oberlin, I moved to Guatemala to work for a billingual English/Spanish dual immersion Montessori school. While I was the assistant teacher and spoke exculsively English to the children, I spoke only Spanish while working with parents and the other staff members. I used every winter term opportunity to go to Guatemala, and was able to get the Kathyrn Davis Projects for Peace Grant which funded a summer there as well, so I was able to keep immersing myself in the culture. And while I was at Oberlin I took Claire Solomon’s literature classes which helped keep my love of Spanish alive. And, of course, SITES! I taught Kindergarten Spanish every semester at Oberlin which I found to be a great resource for my Spanish retention.

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Ellie is just a young explorer trying to make it in this crazy world of ours. She spends most of her time in the language lab, partly because the birds are her only friends and partly because she has yet to actually find the exit. Her hobbies include cliff diving and rocking back and forth in the fetal position as Nickleback plays in the background. Her skills include proficiency in smart classroom technology, fluency in spanish, safe cracking, and elementary Karate.

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