Language museum planned for Washington, DC

The Franklin School in Washington, DC, a former high school, has been sitting unused for many years. The city of DC has been trying to find someone with enough money and a viable plan for how to use the historic building, designed by the same architect as the Smithsonian museums. One suggestion was an art museum, but that plan was abandoned because it wasn’t thought to be a financial possibility.

Now Philanthropist Ann Friedman has been chosen to bring the building back to life. Her plan? A museum dedicated to words and language, called “Planet Word.” Friedman says that the museum will use sophisticated technology to engage visitors in the free-to-enter museum. It will focus on “speech, literature, journalism, and poetry.” She has collected an informal group of experts in these fields, including such public personas as singer Paul Simon and crossword puzzle expert Will Shortz.

She is prepared to spend $50 million or more on the project.

Link to the original article from the Washington Post.

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