Language Education in California

Simultaneously as Trump got elected, there was a victory for Spanish-speaking immigrants in California as a ballot to improve bilingual educations in schools was overwhelmingly approved. The writer, Héctor Tobar, the son of Guatemalan immigrants himself, goes on to explain how the lack of Spanish education he experienced as a child impacted his life negatively, cutting him off from his family and from his culture. California had passed a different language initiative back in 1998, when anti-immigration was becoming big in California. The initiative back then tried to completely remove Spanish from schools. With people such as Ron Unz, a Silicon Valley Entrepreneur, leading the charge saying Spanish is the language of the poor. The author shows examples from Europe where bilingual skills are common, and cites other ways that growth of immigrants is helped by speaking their language in an effort to show why the return of bilingual education in the Californian school system will only help rather than harm as they feared in 1998.




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