Language as a Business

It’s no secret that language-learning technology has become a huge deal in today’s world. This article details some of the challenges companies have to face in beginning their journey to create new language-learning resources. Being a startup is difficult in any market, especially with the constant changes being made among technology. Consequentially, consumer needs and desires are constantly changing as well and companies have to change direction often, adapting to what the market is asking for. However the demand for language learning is eternal, as it is necessary not only for purely personal communications among speakers of different languages but also for expanding business and similar opportunities. I find the idea of language as a business very strange, but am also impressed by the huge strides startups have made in spreading awareness and interest in properly preserving and prolonging languages in as many places as possible. Additionally, we must be careful not to depend too much on technology for this important matter, and most of all we should not simply create it and let it circulate among those who have access to it. Hopefully a next step will be making greater efforts to bring such huge technology resources to people and places which don’t have access yet.

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