Have you ever been “biffsquigled?” Or “swogswallowed?”

Whiffswiddle, flubboxed, gumplewink — these weird-sounding yet fairly understandable words are from “Gobblefunk,” a vocabulary invented by a children’s book writer, Roald Dahl. These creative set of words has just been published in The Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary by Oxford University Press, as part of the celebrations for the centenary of Dahl’s birth. According to the author of this article from The Irish Times, Arminta Wallace, it took the editor of the dictionary, Susan Rennie, 5 years to put together Dahl’s magical words. Rennie mentioned that she wants the readers to feel the joy of browsing in a dictionary just like Dahl’s readers enjoy reading his books, saying that “It is a dictionary to be read, not just consulted.”

Here are some famous Gobblefunk words from the original article:

Sogmire: like a quagmire, only much, much soggier

Zozimus: the stuff that dreams are made from (the BFG likes to whisk it up with an eggbeater)

Swogswallowed: caught, possibly by a giant

Trogglehumper: a really, really bad nightmare

Lickswishy: utterly yummy

Poppyrot: utter nonsense


For more information, visit: http://www.irishtimes.com/culture/books/roald-dahl-s-gobblefunk-inventing-a-whole-new-language-1.2776905

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