Foreign Languages Sharpen the Brain

According to a new study written by Yuriy Shtyrov, learning foreign languages helps brains process new words more quickly. The study tested participants for electrical activity after hearing words, both known and unknown to the participants. According tho the study, there was an increase in electrical activity in those who had studied foreign languages. This is due to “Linguistic Anamneses”, which is the ability to recall any method of expression in relation to communication. Shtyrov commented that the knowledge of other languages allows for the brain to faster form “neuron network coding” on new words. In other words, Shtyrov is saying that the brains elasticity is improved with the knowledge of a foreign language in regards to language learning and processing. The study further says that advancement in understanding how the neuron network can process language will also one day lead to the better ability to help people who have gained a speech impediment after an accident, stroke, or other related accident. Clearly learning a foreign language is more important than previously thought.





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