VoiceThread Instructions

Record voice comments to a single image VoiceThread discussion

Log in at https://voicethread.com/login/. First time login: password is “changeme”.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 11.48.58 AM

Click on the triangle at the left side of the page to reveal your class.

Voicethread - click on the triangle

If you are enrolled in more than one course using VoiceThread, then you may see more than one group as in the illustration.  Click on the group name which matches the course for which you intend to submit a comment.Voicethread - Revealed Groups

Play the VoiceThread discussion: place the mouse pointer over the icon for the VoiceThread discussion of your choosing and click the triangle to participate in that discussion.

Voicethread - enter the discussion

Add a comment by clicking on the “+” icon and then the microphone icon; click “allow” if Flash Player asks permission to use the mic and / or camera.

Voicethread - click + to add a comment

Voicethread - click on the microphone

After a short countdown you may speak into your microphone to record your comment.  Click “Stop Recording” when you have finished your comment.

Voicethread - click to finish recording

Click Save if you are satisfied with your comment or try again.

Voicethread - click to save recorded comment

If you save your comment and want to delete it later you may delete your comment by clicking the trash can icon and try again if you need to do so.

Voicethread - play back the recorded comment

When you satisfied with your work click on the “X” in the upper right corner to return to your class’s collection of VoiceThread discussions.


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