Taking the Russian Placement Exam

The Russian placement test is provided by the School of Russian and Asian Studies.  To take this exam, follow the instructions below.

  • Go to the site of the School of Russian and Asian Studies.
  • Click on the Sign Up link in the upper right.
  • Fill in the registration information, using your first and last name, a login and password, and your email address. None of the other fields is required.
  • Once you’ve registered, you will be taken to a page with a link named Tests off to the right.  Click on this link, and then, once you have arrived at the testing page, select Oberlin College / (The last name of your professor) from the select box above the links to the tests and click the Save button.
  • Once you have done this, click on the Basic Level – Lexicon, Grammar link towards the bottom of the page.  The test should take approximately 50 minutes to complete.