Fall 2017 Pedagogy Workshop Series

Based on faculty and FLPA feedback and suggestions, the CILC has organized a series of 5 Pedagogy workshops for this Fall 2017 semester.  While the sessions will be tailored to fit the needs of the language faculty here at Oberlin, the underlying concepts are broadly applicable to all fields of study, so please feel free to share with colleagues from across the College and Conservatory.


All workshops will be held during the lunch break (12-1:15) in 327 Peters Hall.  You can sign up and make specific requests by clicking on the following links.


  • September 22 – Teaching without a textbook (Sign up here)
  • October 9 – How to build and utilize effective rubrics (Sign up here)
  • October 27 – Building surveys, quizzes, and auto-graded assignments in Blackboard (Sign up here)
  • November 6 – Incorporating authentic resources (Sign up here)
  • ACTFL’s World Readiness Standards (5 Cs) (Sign up here)


If you would like to schedule an individual or small group follow-up session, please get in touch with us, we’d love to help!


As always, stop in/email/call with any questions or concerns,



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