“English for Beginners”…. have a tissue ready


The video “English for Beginners” (see below) was released a few weeks ago, but it has already gone viral.  While the intention is to promote the Polish online auction site Allegro,  it tells a touching story of a Polish retiree, his desire to learn English, and the hope to be with loved ones for the holidays.

According to this story on Metafilter, the video has gone viral, logging millions of views…as well as the necessary use of tissues worldwide.

Here is some background to the story, again according to Metafilter:

Allegro has reported that it was thinking of the many Poles who have emigrated to the UK in search of work, leaving relatives behind. “Despite the relatively close distance between the countries, family ties tend to weaken. Therefore, Christmas for many is a difficult time in which we yearn for more. For years, we’ve strived to make both Allegro – the largest e-commerce platform in the CEE region – as well as our communication to customers bring joy, touch the heart and cause a smile.”

The CILC staff and critters want to wish all of you a safe and restful break. May the holidays allow you to be closer to the people you love and cherish, and in the new year may you find many special and important ways to use your language skills with others.

Please enjoy “English for Beginners”!




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