Dolphins May Have a Spoken Langauge

Dolphins are commonly known as one of the most intelligent animals. A recent research has revealed something beyond this notion: Dolphins may have a highly developed spoken language. While some of the scientists argue that more research has to be done for them to conclude that dolphins have a spoken language, Vyacheslav Ryabov, a Russian researchers, claims in his paper, “[dolphins’] language exhibits all the design features present in the human spoken language.” According to Ryabov, dophins have two different types of noises they use for communication: whistles and clicks, also known as pulses. Ryabov recorded these sounds and theorized that each pulse is a word and a collection of pulses is a sentence in the dolphins’ language. In his paper, he even suggests that communication between humans and dolphins may be possible in the future. Other researchers agree that this is a remarkable step in the under-researched field of dolphin communication, but argue that the result will have to be replicated in open water environments for Ryabov to take further steps in his research.

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