Many projects, many platforms:

Each of you has been working on a personal project during this semester. You set goals for yourselves, and you made strides towards accomplishing them. Each of you has chosen a different way to share information about your progress with the class. Some of you have blogged, some of you did different types of media presentations (Voicethread, Powerpoint w/audio, SoundCloud). Some people used Tumblr. Some people didn’t like using technology at all. Some people kept journals. The ways people chose to chronicle their progress is as varied as the project topics themselves. Everyone found a space that worked for them, which is great, and also a little bit chaotic. This is where further conversations and peer evaluations will be useful.

Peer evaluations:

As a class, you came up with an excellent list of characteristics for a successful project in HISP 205. I hope you have looked at your own project and evaluated your work using this rubric. Having done this, you should be able to converse with others not only about your work but also about their work and progress.

You will be divided into five groups of four people. Each of you will evaluate the members of your group using your class rubric. You can evaluate your classmates in a variety of ways… if you want to create a scale of 1-5, that is fine. If you want to leave written comments, that is fine. If you want to use √- / √ / √+ that would work too. All I ask is that you are consistent; please use the same system for each of the members in your group.

I know many of you are uncomfortable with the idea of “grading” your classmates. The purpose of this exercise is not necessarily to impact the final grade of your fellow students; it is to provide you with some practical experience in evaluating HISP 205 projects before you evaluate your own, and also to give you a wider context in which you can situate your own work. Your self-evaluation will be your opportunity to evaluate your work on your own project, but before you go through that process, it may be helpful for you to review and evaluate what others accomplished (or didn’t!) in the same time period.

Here is the evaluation form  that you can use and reuse for your peer evaluations. Please use a separate document for each person. Please save each document with the following naming convention: By[insert your name]For[insert peer's name].docx (or rtf or whatever)  (example: ByBenForAdiel.docx)

The completed evluations should be uploaded to the HISP 205 DropBox:  (password was  distributed in class) by 11:59 p.m. on Saturday 5/11. I will retrieve them, anonymize them, summarize them and share them with you during Reading Period. You are welcome to incorporate this information in your final written self evaluation if you wish.

Your task therefore  is to converse with the members of your group about their work so that you can evaluate them accurately. Need information or clarification about their work?  Ask…talk…make more conversation….


Soren  Leah Eli  Chris

Adiel Haley Ruby  Ben

Alyssa Lee Sophie Chelsea

Stefan Claire Julienne Elaine

Christal Rena Derek Jodi

The Maleta Monologues :

As a way to further help you prepare for your final self evaluation, and as a way to bring closure to the class, on Wednesday and Friday of this week I have asked Elise and Emiliano to help wind down the class with something I call the “maleta monologues.” This idea for this activity stems from a Russian custom that says that before one goes off on a long journey, you must first take a seat on your suitcase and remind yourself of where you have been, and also where you are about to go.

I would like to ask each of you to prepare a short “maleta monologue” (no longer than 3 minutes) in Spanish and talk about what you have accomplished in this class this semester, and what plans you have for using Spanish in the future. If you would feel more comfortable doing this with a partner, you may. I am going to ask E and E to record these so I can see them. And yes, there WILL be a suitcase. :-)

Finally, the Final Written Self evaluation:

We will not have a final exam in this class. Instead, you will complete a final self evaluation of your work during the semester and email it to me as an attachment before 9 p.m on Thursday May 16th.

The final written self evaluation is very straight-forward: it will be written in English, and no longer than 350 words. In it, you need to address three things:

~what you learned this semester (in your project, in the classroom, with your peers),
~how you know that you learned these things,
~what grade you believe your work has earned in this class

Deadlines to remember:

~ According to the College, all work on your project (as well as your peer evaluations) must be completed by 11:59 p.m. on Saturday May 11th, which is the official last day of classes.

~ Your final self evaluation must be emailed to me as an attachment before 9 p.m. on Thursday May 16th.