Items on Reserve

The tables below show any items that professors have placed on reserve for their classes.  These items may only be used in the CILC, and cannot leave the center.  To use them in the CILC, just go to the front desk and ask the labbie on duty for them.  If you ask for each item using its ID, your transaction will likely go more quickly and smoothly than if you ask for an item by its title.


DVD Title Course Professor Item ID
Barroco CMPL 410 Ana Cara DVD #3
Brand Upon the Brain! Spanish 327 Patrick O'Connor DVD #4
Santa Sangre Spanish 327 Patrick O' Connor DVD #5
Angel de Fuego Spanish 327 Patrick O' Connor DVD #6
The Intouchables French 302 Laura Atran-Fresco DVD #7
CD Title Course Professor Item number
Books Course Professor Item ID