Idea Sharing & Workshop Sessions

The CILC hosts hands-on workshops that cover the tools we support in the CILC, with specific ideas on how to use them in language class, as well as informal get-togethers with colleagues to talk about best practices or innovative ideas in the classroom.

iMovie Overdubbing and Subtitling
Monday, November 9 2015
4:00-5:00 PM
Peters 327

The CILC has tools for editing audio and video clips quickly and easily.  Unleash your students’ creativity and harness their sense of humor with iMovie.  Arlene Forman and Thomas Chevrier will share their experiences with iMovie.  Click here for iMovie 11 Overdubbing and Subtitles instructions. Light refreshments will be served.


VoiceThread in the Classroom
Monday, October 26 2015
3:30-5:00 PM
Peters 327

Come and learn how different faculty have used VT with their students. Presenters will include Deb Vogel from Dance, Libby Murphy and Laura Atran-Fresco from French & Italian, Patty Tovar from HISP and others. Come, learn and ask questions of your colleagues!  Join us for the second half of the session for a hands-on exploration of VoiceThread in the CILC.  Click here for the VoiceThread session handout. Light refreshments will be served.