Friendship Day Resolutions: Oberlin Mayor and City Council, Elyria Mayor

Thanks to Sharon Soucy, the vice president of the Oberlin City Council, Mr. H. Scott Broadwell the president of the council and mayor of Oberlin issues the following proclamation to officiate the Oberlin Friendship Day Festival. This is the fifth year that the Oberlin City Council and our college together are making Oberlin the hub of friendship in the nation.

Also Holly C. Brinda, the mayor of Elyria joined Oberlin with a similar proclamation. Congratulations to Oberlin and Elyria!

The Festival’s full success is owed to many participants, programmers and organizers specifically, David Dorsey, the Director of Religious and Spiritual Life at Oberlin, Oberlin Poet Meeko Israel and students: Robert Bonfiglio, Stephen Lezak, Rand Zalzalah, Hussein Samir, Caroline De Vries, Hassan Fahim, Savannah Tracy, Ali Amiri and not the least, professor emeritus Alexander Caroll.


Friendship Resolution 2015Frienfdship Day Proclamation Elyria