Proclamation: American National Friendship Day: Oberlin Mayor/President of City Council

IMG_0099The 7th Annual Friendship Festival this year (April 8, 2017) attracted more than 150 participants including Oberlin Students, Faculty, Kendal Residents and Ambassadors of Friendship from the city, guests from Baltimore, Princeton and Baltimore, Oberlin Chamber of Commerce, Peace Church activists, Poets, artists and many more. Oberlin City Manager Mr. Robert Hillard, read the attached Proclamation on American National Friendship Day on behalf of the Oberlin Mayor/President of the Council Mr. Ronnie Rimbert.

The Oberlin Friendship Festival is already an established tradition at Oberlin as we celebrated the 7th annual festival. The Oberlin Friendship Circle that is a chartered student organization planned and executed the festival tactfully and in a beautiful and successful way. Congratulations OFC!

We wish well for the graduating president and treasurer of OFC Grover Neville and Delaviz Eftekhr. They did a marvelous job in running OFC in 2016-2017.