March 28, 2017 Nathan Daniel 0

Merriam-Webster is perhaps the best known English-Language dictionary. Founded in the 1840s when the Merriam brothers bought the Webster dictionary, it is the longest running […]


Speaking to the Womb

February 24, 2017 Nathan Daniel 0

A recent study indicates that babies start learning language before they are born.  Newborn children have shown awareness for both voices and language spoken by […]


Revolt in Cameroon

February 14, 2017 Nathan Daniel 0

Cameroon is a bilingual (English and French) country in Africa. However, they have plagued by many issues most recently a revolution inspired by discrimination based […]


Avoidance Language

February 7, 2017 Nathan Daniel 0

Apparently in some parts of the world it is common place to choose words specifically for conversations with in-laws. A new article by Bryant Rousseau […]