2018-2019 Orientation Information

Please check back regularly as we finalize your orientation schedule with locations.  When the schedule has been finalized, we will also email each of you so that you have the information close at hand.

Monday, August 20 Expected arrival date for TAs and PAs
Tuesday, August 21 ResEd session(s) (TAs & PAs)

  • Title IX session(s), Sex and sexual misconduct
  • Conduct, policy, student life
  • Cultural awareness and (potential) differences therein
2-5pm, Fowler Room in Carnegie Building
Wednesday, August 22 Immigration session (TAs & PAs) – Josh Whitson

  • J-1 visa reporting requirements
10am-12pm in the ISRC (Wilder 208)
Friday, August 24 General international student arrival
Saturday, August 25 – Monday, August 27 International student orientation (PAs)
Monday, August 27
  • New student move-in day
  • Afternoon start of new student orientation (PAs)
  • Language Pedagogy Symposium (with lunch included)

324 Peters hall

10:00 – Introductions
10:30 – App sampler:
Interactive quizzing or clicker apps have been available as long as hand help devices have been present in the classroom. They are a cost effective alternative to clickers and, if applied well, can serve as an effective tool for informative assessment, polling, gamified activities, and active classroom discussion. Today we will give a quick demo on several popular interactive presentation apps.

Seesaw digital portfolio
TEASER: Screen recording session

12:00-1:15 LUNCH

1:30-2:30 – Screen recording with OBS:  hands-on session

Video as an online tool is still evolving and growing in its use as a way of teaching through live streamed and pre-recorded lectures for a web audience. However, with strategies focusing on a flipped classroom approach, video can serve as a way of augmenting an active classroom. In today’s workshop, we will focus on building a video recording using Open Broadcasting Software (OBS), an open source live streaming and video recording program popular among Youtube channels.

You will leave today with the tools to quickly, efficiently, and effectively capture screen and audio recordings simultaneously.  You will even be able to leave with your first publishable screen recording to use this semester!

Tuesday, September 4 First day of classes for Fall semester