Obies Using Languages: Teresa Tippens ’15

Teresa Tippens is a member of the class of 2015 pursuing an independent major in Sound Design. She speaks Japanese and has spent a significant amount of time in Japan.

For winter term last year I did a recording project in Japan. That definitely required some Japanese! On campus I mainly use my Japanese to read articles that I can’t find in English… it makes me feel like I have an edge on my peers 🙂 I use my Japanese mainly on the internet and, you guessed it, in Japanese restaurants. But I’m planning on going back to Japan soon, so I’ll be using it there!

The language resource I use the most at Oberlin is my professors. To be honest I haven’t used the EAS library to study all that much, but why would I need to when I can just talk to my professors? They are all such wonderful people, and always make room in their schedules if you want to chat!


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