PressGang WordPress Manager

PressGang is a web-based manager for multiple WordPress installations running on the same server.  It was created by the CILC in order to greatly reduce the amount of work required to adminster and support the multiple class blogs that we host every semester.  It allows an administrator to easily view information about all of the blogs running on the server, such as the WordPress version number, title and installation path.  PressGang also allows an administrator to interact with installed blogs, performing actions such as adding and customizing users or putting a blog into a lockdown where they are aggressively cached and minimally interactive. Each time that an action is performed, PressGang takes a snapshot of the blog’s files and database as they were before the action was applied, allowing an administrator to view a complete version history of the blog with the ability to roll back to any previous version.


In addition to the blog-management capabilities that PressGang offers, it also allows an administrator to quickly and easily create and configure a new blog.  This is done using a combination of a simple web form and flexible API that makes it easy to extensively customize the blog’s installation and configuration, determing which themes and plugins installed as well as controlling almost any configurable option on the blog.


PressGang is meant to run as a Django application on the same server that hosts your WordPress blogs.  For details on its installation and configuration, consult the PressGang GitHub repository.