Panoptes Usage Tracker

Panoptes is a usage-tracking suite created by the CILC for gathering statistics on the usage of the 24 dual-boot iMac computers in our center. It collects anonymized data on the length of each session, as well as on the applications used during that session and the duration of their use. Using the online analysis component, these data can be viewed through various lenses, allowing a user to see the number of sessions per day, hour or workstation, the average session length per day, hour or workstation and the average usage time of each application. The sessions viewed through these lenses can be further filtered to only examine those that occurred on certain dates, times or weekdays.

Additionally, Panoptes allows you to view events on a Google Calendar associated with a day or an hour, if there exists one or more Google Calendar calendars that is used to schedule events in the location being tracked by Panoptes.


Panoptes consists of two parts: a usage tracking client that is installed on our computers and the server component that handles the collection of data and its visualization.  The client consists of a Python script that can be run on any recent versions of Windows or Mac OS X, and the server component is a Django application.  The source for the project is freely available, and can be downloaded from the Panoptes GitHub repository.