Obies Using Languages

To get a better sense of how Obies use languages other than English, we’ve asked current students and alumni to fill out a brief survey and let us know what they’re up to, linguistically! If you’re interested in participating in the project, feel free to fill out the survey. Questions? Email us.

Obies Using Languages: Ellie Flessner ’16

Ellie Flessner is in the Class of 2016, pursuing a double major in Latin American Studies and Economics. She speaks Spanish and has spent time throughout Latin America, including Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala.


Obies Using Languages: Ida Hoequist ’14

Ida Hoequist is a member of the class of 2014 who is pursuing a major in German Studies, as well as an independent Linguistics major. At Oberlin, she has used German, French, Old Icelandic, and Kalaallisut.

Obies Using Laguages: Luke Adamson ’14

Luke Adamson is member of the class of 2014 pursuing a double-degree in Cello Performance and Psychology. At Oberlin he has studied German and Zoogocho Zapotec and lived in German House for two years.


Obies Using Languages: Heather Kirkconnell ’11

Heather Kirkconnell is a 2011 graduate of Oberlin with a BA in French and a BM in Organ Performance. She just got back from spending two years studying music in France.