Obies Using Languages

To get a better sense of how Obies use languages other than English, we’ve asked current students and alumni to fill out a brief survey and let us know what they’re up to, linguistically! Are you interested in participating in the project? Email us.

Laura Weiss ’13

Laura Weiss is a 2013 graduate of Oberlin with a BA in Hispanic Studies and Comparative Literature. She is currently an intern at a Latina women’s health organization and working in a Mexican restaurant – using Spanish any way she can.


Cassie Guevara ’13

Cassie Guevara is a 2013 graduate of Oberlin with a BA in East Asian Studies. She is currently in the second semester of her two-year Shansi Fellowship in Tokyo, Japan, teaching English at J.F. Oberlin University.


Casey Murphy ’15

Casey Murphy is a member of the class of 2015 and is currently pursuing an independent major in Linguistics as well as a minor in Hispanic Studies. At Oberlin, she has studied Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, and a smidgen of Hopi.


Obies Using Languages: Ellie Flessner ’16

Ellie Flessner is in the Class of 2016, pursuing a double major in Latin American Studies and Economics. She speaks Spanish and has spent time throughout Latin America, including Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala.