Major Portfolios

The major portfolios system was created to allow students to create and manage a portfolio showcasing their progress and accomplishments in a major at Oberlin.  Originally created for the Hispanic Studies department, it was later expanded to other departments.

The portfolios system consists of four components.  The first consists of journal entries that students post as they make their way through their academic career, ideally containing reflections and thoughts about their major as they develop in it.  The second consists of a showcase of projects done for classes related to their chosen major.  The third is composed of a listing of courses that they have taken for their major, and the fourth consists of extra-curricular activities that relate to their major or have otherwise been formative in their academic growth in their chosen major.   The journal entries and projects can be tied to the courses that students have taken or activities that they have done, and a user can easily view all content associated with a particular course or activity.


The major portfolios system is a Django application.  It is currently closed-source and in testing.  Once it has been in use for a while and by multiple departments, its source will be made publicly available.