Tools That Promote Interactive Audio

Tools that we encourage you to explore:


VoiceThread allows you to create slide shows and add narrations, but if you adjust the settings, viewers can add their own comments (audio or text).   Below is an example…Grab a headset, click on the right arrow in the window to advance the slides, and leave a comment!

Examples of what others are doing with VoiceThread. Voicethread is entirely web-based. Once you have created something in VoiceThread, you can copy the code and paste it into your blog, or your Blackboard or Moodle pages for your students to access.


Chinswing allows users to created threaded discussions with audio. Here is an example in Spanish You need to register for an account to participate or to start a new thread. It is entirely web-based (no need to download anything)


Pulpmotion does require that your purchase something to make it work, but hey for $45 a seat, we will purchase a couple of seats for the CILC… It is only available for OSX (for PC’s please tryPhotostory ). What is delightful about Pulpmotion is that you can create “videos” from still images and audio (or video too)…gone, perhaps are the days of iMovie recording/editing/burning to DVD-a-thons? Watch the video


Sketchcast allows you to write (doodle? draw?) while talking and then sharing that info with others o’er the web.