Second Life and Language Learning

The staff of the CILC is creating a series of resources here for teachers and students who would like to use Second Life for language learning. Please come back and check this list often as we are adding new materials frequently.

Some general purpose resource sites for Second Life and Teaching

ISTE’s “island” in SL… (International Society for technology in Education) This is an extraordinary resource. The ISTE Island is staffed by live docents who are avaiable to help educators with ideas, share information, etc. Check out the “room” with links to US universities with SL virtual campuses, as well as the showcased educational projects.

SLED (Second Life in Education) A blog dedicated to teaching and learning in Second Life

How to find locations in Second Life

Create an avatar, Launch the Second Life Viewer 2, and then follow the instructions in this short video: Finding locations in SL

A really thorough site of all sorts of places (museums, churches, schools, libraries…) that can be explored in SL

Resources arranged by language we support

Name Description Language
Middle East A place to practice Arabic Arabic
Virtual Morocco Arabic
Sichuan, China A location for practicing Chinese Chinese
Duché de Coeur A ficticious name for the area of western France that is made up of the real life names Provence, Languedoc, Aquitaine, and Poitou, and further to the north, Normandie and Touraine, and to the far east, Franca Contea. It seeks to recreate a world of friendship and romance as it might have been around the Age of Enlightenment. French
Mont Saint Michel French
1920s Weimar Republic Germany A role-playing game within Second Life German
Travel to newBERLIN A reflection of the German capital Berlin and its sights. Make friends or get tourist information at the Help Center. This true-to-detail copy of the city includes lively cultural events, shopping and art. Willkommen! Wir sprechen auch Deutsch! German
The city of Leipzig An historically accurate replica German
Second Life Munich/ München German
Volkshochschule Deutsche Germany's large education institute offers around 20-30 courses and events every week, which take place completely inworld. Classes include topics like languages, math, cooking, and drawing, as well as specific SL subjects like scripting and building. German
Torino, Italy A replica. "Concerti, shopping, camping, contest, esposizioni, live music, discoteca, cerimonie" (Google Earth link here) Italian
Villa Capra (La Rotonda) A virtual interpretation of the World Heritage site in Vicenza, Italy. (Images of the Real World site from the UNESCO World Heritage webpage here) Built in 1565, this elegant country house was inspired by the Pantheon in Rome and has since influenced the design of thousands of subsequent structures. (Google Earth link here) Italian
Sistine Chapel A replica built by students at Vassar. (Google Earth link here) Italian
Chiba A place to practice Japanese. Japanese
Pontocho An "authentic" Japanese teahouse in Second Life. Japanese
Moscow Island, Russian Red Square A place to practice Russian. Russian
Guadalajara, México A virtual replica of the city of Guadalajara, México…complete with mariachis! Spanish
Chichen Itza A virtual replica of the Mayan ruins. A project of the Mexican Tourist Board. Spanish
Barcelona del Oeste Based on the real world. Stroll the tree-lined streets in Barcelona's famous La Rambla avenue then stop to meet new friends in the central Plaza Real. Spanish
Monterrey, Mexico A speaking role playing SIM entirely in Spanish. Somewhat violent. Spanish
The Smithsonian Museum's Latino Expeditions site Watch this space at the end of October for a Day of the Dead celebration! Spanish
Maracaibo, Venezuela Explore this virtual replica on Maracaibo, Venezuela Spanish
Instituto Español Ever thought of using your second life to learn a second language? Instituto Espanol now gives you the chance. It's a fully-functional Spanish language school aimed at generating student fluency by immersing them in the study, as well as the culture, of Spanish-speaking societies. Spanish
Universidad de San Martin de Porres Visit a project that replicates some of the most important pre-Hispanic buildings in Peru. Developed by the Universidad de San Martin de Porres in Second Life, this work is the result of a research team aimed at understanding how virtual worlds can better connect teachers with students. Spanish
Ilha da Orientação (Brasil) A place to practice Portuguese. Portuguese