Self-Paced Language Learning Tools

Name Description
Skype and The Mixxer Students interested in creating informal language exchanges (English and Spanish, English and French, etc.) should create an account on the Mixxer and look for a language partner, which can be done for free.  If you have questions on how to use these tools, please ask a CILC staff member for help.
Mango Languages You can get a free subscription through the Oberlin Public Library. Online language learning program to learn all the common languages but also Farsi, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Hindi, Mandarin, and Japanese. A little basic but offers listening exercises and culture activities.
The Pronunciator (coming soon!)
Busuu Free for basic usage. Offers Turkish, Polish, and languages offered at Oberlin. There are vocabulary, reading, and writing activities, as well as exams to help test what you know.
Duo Lingo  (coming soon!)
BBC Languages  (coming soon!)
Babbel Only the first lesson is free, but great website. Offers Swedish, Norwegian, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Indonesian, and Danish. Accessible from the iPhone. Very comprehensive and has many culture sections. Includes unusual sections such as on idioms and false friends. Seems comparable to Duo Lingo.
iTalki  (coming soon!)
Skritter  (coming soon!)

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