Gestures and pictures improve language learning {0}

As someone who teaches SITES and spent a semester doing original research into the impact of gestures on language learning, I’m really into this kind of contextualized language teaching. Read more about how movement and visuals can help you learn (or teach!) a language:

Chimpanzees Learn New Language

Chimpanzees Learn New Language {0}

A study was recently conducted on chimpanzee behavior to determine whether or not they can pick up a new language when they move location.

Learning Languages Together: Lang-8

Learning Languages Together: Lang-8 {0}

There are a number of language learning tools out there, and especially when it comes to self-study, it really helps to find the resources that are fun for you. Something that I finally got around to trying is a website called Lang-8. It is essentially a website for blogging / journaling in a language that(…)

Languages and Genes Evolve Together

Languages and Genes Evolve Together {0}

“As human populations disperse, the separation leads to changes both in genes and in language. So if we look at human DNA and languages over time, we should find that they differ along similar geographic lines.” Click here to read more. 

Ask a North Korean: do you learn foreign languages?

Ask a North Korean: do you learn foreign languages? {0}

Have you wondered how accessible are foreign language studies to students in North Korea, either academically or self-taught? What languages do they have access to and what are the popular ones? Click here to find out. 

NYC schools to exand dual-language programs {0}

Great news! New York City will be expanding dual-language programs in public schools starting in the coming school year. The city’s schools chancellor, Carmen Fariña, recognizes the benefit of knowing more than one language in this globalized world, saying, “It’s one thing to go out with Japanese businessmen who all speak English; it’s another thing(…)