Babbel Language Learning Tool Review

Babbel Language Learning Tool Review {0}

I tried out Babbel for Portuguese. It first asked if I was a beginner or advanced student (I hit beginner). It didn’t seem to care however, and immediately asked me to match words with phrases— (this was before any sort of lesson!). I went through the lesson and by the end, it finally asked me(…)

Feminist Gael García Bernal

Feminist Gael García Bernal {1}

You may have heard of the popular “feminist Ryan Gosling” meme, but they don’t hold a candle to the feminist musings of our favorite Mexican actor. .  

How to talk in Chinglish

How to talk in Chinglish {0}

Chinese people have come up with Chinese English words in daily conversations and they are extremely popular on SNS. They usually have origins from Chinese idioms, and some words are the direct translation from Chinese. So these words and sentences are grammatically wrong in English, but appropriate in certain situations in Chinese to get some(…)

“The Pronunciator” Language Tool Review

“The Pronunciator” Language Tool Review {0}

Though I was unable to create a free account on The Pronunciator (, I took a virtual tour of the website and learned what it has to offer. It teaches 80 different languages from the point of view of 50 different languages. I think this is a particularly useful feature, since it isn’t always the(…)

Technical terms in languages other than English

Technical terms in languages other than English {0}

This article was in the Economist about some the challenges that the Mozilla Foundation has faced when translating technical terms like “crash” and “aspect ratio” to some of the world’s 7000 different languages. I particularly liked  how the translation of “windows” in Zapotec took into consideration the socio-cultural reality of people who speak it… and the fact that their(…)

Happy European Day of Languages!

Happy European Day of Languages! {0}

In honor of today being the European Day of Languages, I encourage you to take a look at this site that was created to celebrate the day as well as create links for interesting language resources, facts, trivia, events  from around the world. My favorite is this one:  it allows you to learn the names of(…)