Ever considered inventing your own language? This story shows how complicated that can become.

Ever considered inventing your own language? This story shows how complicated that can become. {0}

John Quijada spent 30 years inventing a language that he said could be both concise and precise. But when he posted it online, had no idea that it would eventually take him halfway across the world to a conference attended¬†by Russian extremists. This article by Joshua Foer in the New Yorker tells an incredible story(…)

Livemocha Lanuguage Tool Review

Livemocha Lanuguage Tool Review {0}

It is easy to create an account and start to learn right away on Livemocha. The registration section asked for my native language, so during the learning process, there’s a translation icon that translate the sentences into my native language. I chose Finish and selected my level of proficiency as “?” which means I know(…)

How Should We Learn Languages? Thoughts from a Labbie… {0}

The other day I came across this blog from someone named Ruth Elizabeth. Her bio says she has been learning Vietnamese for 3 years, 2 of which were spent in Vietnam when she taught English. As a second generation Vietnamese American who grew up listening to Vietnamese but who was too stubborn to bother learning(…)

Mango Languages Review

Mango Languages Review {0}

I tried out Mango Languages with Brazilian Portuguese. I was able to get only lesson one, which included a lot of vocabulary, a couple of conversations, and some grammar. Unfortunately, as soon as it seemed to be getting interesting, I reached a ‘wall’ and the website asked me to pay to get more features. I(…)

DuoLingo {0}

If you want to learn a language for free, DuoLingo is a good way to get started. If you stick with it, it will teach you grammar and vocabulary well, but it’s not good at helping you learn to speak it.¬†And as long as you don’t mind learning from a computer and the oddities that(…)

Say What? Russian Sayings

Say What? Russian Sayings {0}

What happens when you translate these Russian sayings into English? Let’s take a look.