Happy European Day of Languages: September 26 {0}

ASL Opera {1}

Real Time Opera, based out of both Oberlin and Contoocook, New Hampshire, is a performing arts company dedicated to the production of new opera. Their new piece, Paradox, is an opera in American Sign Language that seems almost dance-like in its performance. It raises fascinating issues about music and translation. Check it out!

The Great Language Game!

The Great Language Game! {0}

Can you guess what language is being spoken from just a brief clip? Check out the Great Language Game and find out. First choose between two different languages, then three, then four… they only use seventy of the worlds thousands of languages, but it’s harder than you might think! You haven’t lived until you’ve tried(…)

Language ExCos Fall 2013 {0}

Are you interested in learning a language that doesn’t have an official home in the Oberlin curriculum? Check out our wide array of language ExCos. All information pulled for this list comes from the Registrar’s website. For more information, contact the instructor of the course, and don’t forget to attend the ExCo Fair (time TBA)!(…)

“Hacking” Language Learning

“Hacking” Language Learning {0}

In this brief TedxWarsaw talk (the theme of the conference being “Poke the Comfort Zone”) Benny Lewis of Ireland ¬†talks about how he “hacked” the process of learning a language… and in the process developed his conversational abilities in not one but many languages. I chose to showcase this video here because I think it(…)

Language Placement Information

Language Placement Information {0}

Are you an Oberlin student interested in registering for a language course? We’ve gone through the course catalog and collected all of the information you should know about AP exams, SAT II scores, and placement tests. For more information, contact a member of the language department you’re interested in.