Looking for Chinese Movies?

Looking for Chinese Movies? {0}

  Hujiang is one of the biggest language learning websites in China. Its Chinese section is edited by Chinese locals so they usually have the most updated news and cultural information.   If you are learning Chinese and wondering what are Chinese people watching these days, here is a list of movies frequently updated with description available both(…)

New Study on the Neurological Effects of Learning a Foreign Language

New Study on the Neurological Effects of Learning a Foreign Language {3}

Check out this article about some newfound data on the neurological effects of learning a second language! According to a study conducted in Sweden, learning a foreign language has a visible effect on brain size, particularly around the hippocampus and language-related areas of the cerebral cortex. “The Swedish MRI study showed that learning a foreign(…)

Language ExCos Fall 2014

Language ExCos Fall 2014 {0}

Are you interested in studying a language that doesn’t have an official home in the Oberlin curriculum? Check out an ExCo!  Contact the instructor of the course for more information. Don’t forget to attend the ExCo Fair tonight, Sept. 3rd, from 6-8pm. You must register on PRESTO by Sept. 11th. This semester’s offerings: The ABCs of ASL: Christal(…)

CILC-inspired 2048 puzzles… Just In Time for Exams!

CILC-inspired 2048 puzzles… Just In Time for Exams! {0}

Our intrepid student staff  has created a series of  2048 games inspired by people, items, and creatures in the CILC! Click on any one of them to play! Enjoy!        

Reading Period and Finals in the CILC {0}

Reading Period 12 p.m. to 12 a.m. Exam Period 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (through Friday 5/16) Summer Hours Call or email us if you are interested in access to the CILC during the summer.

Writing in L2

Writing in L2 {0}

Could you write a novel in your second (or third or fourth….) language? It sounds daunting, but that is exactly what these authors–many of them award winners–have been doing. Representing many languages and countries like Bosnia, Pakistan, Italy, Russia, and China, some were pushed to English by political upheaval, others by a “spirit of adventure.”(…)