Languages and Genes Evolve Together

Languages and Genes Evolve Together {0}

“As human populations disperse, the separation leads to changes both in genes and in language. So if we look at human DNA and languages over time, we should find that they differ along similar geographic lines.” Click here to read more. 

Ask a North Korean: do you learn foreign languages?

Ask a North Korean: do you learn foreign languages? {0}

Have you wondered how accessible are foreign language studies to students in North Korea, either academically or self-taught? What languages do they have access to and what are the popular ones? Click here to find out. 

NYC schools to exand dual-language programs {0}

Great news! New York City will be expanding dual-language programs in public schools starting in the coming school year. The city’s schools chancellor, Carmen Fariña, recognizes the benefit of knowing more than one language in this globalized world, saying, “It’s one thing to go out with Japanese businessmen who all speak English; it’s another thing(…)

40 idioms that cannot be translated literally

40 idioms that cannot be translated literally {0}

In case you didn’t know, the folks at TED talks have an ongoing volunteer  project to subtitle TED talks into several languages. Obies interested in translation might want to check it out here. Recently the TED folks asked their translators about idioms in their home language that could not be translated into other languages.  There are several(…)

Radio Ambulante: Oberlin

Radio Ambulante: Oberlin {1}

Winter Term at Oberlin is usually a very quiet place, but over at the studios of Oberlin’s own WOBC (91.5 on your FM dial) there are amazing, wonderful, creative radio programs being broadcast over their (now improved!) antenna via the radio airwaves and online While WT programming is only for the next couple of weeks please take a look at their show schedule (click on(…)

We’re open for reading period and finals! {0}

  Come join us– here are our hours for reading period: Saturday Dec. 13: 12pm-12am Sunday Dec. 14: 12pm-12am Monday Dec. 15: 12pm-12am Tuesday Dec. 16: 12pm-12am   We are also open during finals! Our hours: Wednesday Dec. 17: 9am-6pm Thursday Dec. 18: 9am-6pm Friday Dec. 19: 9am-6pm