Tired of paper flashcards?

Tired of paper flashcards? {0}

Getting buried under un montón de flashcards? Save your sanity and the environment by using Anki! We’ve all made flashcards when studying a language. And we’ve all ended up with piles of little pieces of cut up paper or index cards that we eventually lose or recycle or throw away. Save money and effort by creating(…)

Language Difficulty Ranking

Language Difficulty Ranking {0}

Since I want as much as possible to tie my passion for language learning with everything I do, here’s a source I’m using for my Economics honors thesis. It lists languages by difficulty, with the assumed native language being English. Where does your language study fall? How accurate do you think this list is? Of(…)

International WOBC Shows, Fall 2014 {2}

WOBC has some great international and multilingual radio shows scheduled this semester! Tune in at 91.5 or via wobc.org. Show Time Description Dazed&Confucius Mondays 11am – 12pm Modern/Contemporary East Asian ethnic/minorities Folk music. :::: DJ KarmaKa$h samba esquema sonsual Mondays 1pm – 2pm Music from Brazilian POC greats from the golden age of musica popular(…)

Verbling Language Learning Tool Review

Verbling Language Learning Tool Review {0}

Verbling is a language learning tool based on online video. After you sign in with you google account, it takes you to a Language Learning Community page. You can use your google+ account to immediately join Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced practice groups. With a free 7-day trial, you can watch the Online Language Classes. However, there are only(…)

Ever considered inventing your own language? This story shows how complicated that can become.

Ever considered inventing your own language? This story shows how complicated that can become. {0}

John Quijada spent 30 years inventing a language that he said could be both concise and precise. But when he posted it online, had no idea that it would eventually take him halfway across the world to a conference attended by Russian extremists. This article by Joshua Foer in the New Yorker tells an incredible story(…)

Livemocha Lanuguage Tool Review

Livemocha Lanuguage Tool Review {0}

It is easy to create an account and start to learn right away on Livemocha. The registration section asked for my native language, so during the learning process, there’s a translation icon that translate the sentences into my native language. I chose Finish and selected my level of proficiency as “?” which means I know(…)