OSCA Spanish Table

OSCA Spanish Table {0}

If you eat in OSCA, but you wish you could use Stevie meals for language tables, get excited! Lara Griffin is organizing an OSCA Spanish Table that will rotate between co-ops so that people who don’t eat in CDS can still practice Spanish in a fun, conversational way. Contact Lara at lara.griffin@oberlin.edu for more information.

Myths about Latin America by Laura Weiss ’13 {0}

Laura Weiss, Oberlin class of 2013, is one of the newest bloggers at the Huffington Post. Her latest article is about how we think about Latin America. She writes: To read more, check out her article!

The Polyglot Simpsons {0}

Have you ever wondered what TV characters would sound like if you were watching in Japan or Mexico? BuzzFeed made a video, reposted on an Italian site, with a clip from the Simpsons as they sound in the US, Spain, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan. Enjoy!

Portuguese Supersite

Portuguese Supersite {0}

You can now access the supersite for Portuguese 101 and 102 via our Portuguese language resources page. It’s lonely there, so take a minute to suggest new resources for Portuguese and other languages!