Do Britons really need to bother with foreign languages?

Do Britons really need to bother with foreign languages? {0}

This is not the most well-written article I could find especially with its patronizing and slightly nationalist tone, but it is worth looking at the geographical discrimination revealed through the use of language. Hope the self-mocking tone of this article gives you some idea of how people perceive languages on the European side of the(…)

Obies Using Languages: Mo Chen ’18

Obies Using Languages: Mo Chen ’18 {0}

Mo is a sophomore majoring in Art History and may concentrate her study on curatorial art. She is planning to study away in Europe next year so she is learning both French and German.  

Sofia Smith-Hale ’18

Sofia Smith-Hale ’18 {0}

How does singing in Spanish differ from English? I think singing in Spanish sounds much more fluid and melodious than in English. How has the Spanish language shaped your way of thinking? When I take in new information, I often feel that I am processing it in two languages and learning twice as much. Spanish(…)

Could Emoji Ever Be a Language? {0}

  As Apple is adding more than 800 emojis to increase its diversity,  Hannah Rosefield from raises the question that whether if emoji can become a language. Although the amount of emoji characters is increasing, emoji communication lacks grammar which is one most important criteria for one communication system becomes a language. Besides, the limited information that(…)

Obies Using Languages: Yijia Gao ’19 {0}

Yijia Gao (’19) freshman, undecided major. As a Chinese student studying in the United States, she shares about her travel story in Japan and experience of learning Japanese.    It was 2008 that I first traveled to Japan. Once I stepped on that land, I immediately fell in love with Japanese food, natural scenes and nice people and(…)

Is a Universal Language Translator Possible?

Is a Universal Language Translator Possible? {0}

Lots of movies, like Star Trek, have introduced a concept of a universal translator that can translate any languages. Well, right now we already have some many programs that can translate a word, a sentence or even book into another language with one click. How does it work? It is clearly not the word-to-word dictionary-style(…)